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Siftia Health Cloud Solutions

servicesConsolidate patient-focused health data in the cloud services

We accompany health institutions in their digital journey from scratch or in identifying new opportunities with the objective of bringing better experiences to their patients.

We address unique needs whether dealing with a small clinic or large hospital system.

What is Siftia Health Cloud Solutions?

The digital transformation has led new organizations to migrate to cloud-based systems and others have emerged from these opportunities.

The health sector is no exception but new regulations, norms and standards that protect sensitive patient data and the medical ecosystem in general have been created in parallel to the migration and data management.

The user/client/ patient experience and the search for the most efficient player in the sector drives improvement and innovation in data engineering services and the user experience.

As part of the service

We create and assess the best cloud-based solutions according to the needs or aims that the health organization wants to address with the mission of improving the patient experience with an expanded vision of the attention received.

We make use of platforms and technology in the cloud which are powered by machine learning and data science to have the best health data processing and analysis.

The ‘Health Cloud’ product’s three lines of focus are:

  • Safe and continuous medical care
  • Integration of productivity and collaboration tools for medical staff
  •  Data-driven clinical and operational decision making

Improve your patients’ experience with cloud-based technology

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