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Electronic Health Record

servicesElectronic Health Record, a broad vision of patient-centric healthcare services

Through data engineering and the application of international standards, it is possible for us to create Electronic Health Records that allow the collection of patient information during their whole journey through laboratories, doctors, specialists and even different health institutions.

What are EHRs?

The Electronic Health Records are designed to reach beyond the health organization that originally collected and compiled the information.

They share information with other medical care providers such as laboratories and specialists for the benefit of the patient therefore all the information from those involved in their care can be seen in a comprehensive way.

As part of the service

Through Electronic Health Records, we can search for the available data in the patient’s health ecosystem which is discoverable and easily understandable to stakeholders as the patients move within the healthcare ecosystem.

This standard allows the patient to monitor their own health supported by automated clinical decisions and the incorporation of new capabilities and functionalities like advanced analysis or artificial intelligence.

There are benefits for all those involved but mainly for the patient and their quality of care, since it allows:

  • The provision of precise, up-to-date and complete information at the point of care
  • Fast access to the registers for coordinated and efficient care
  • Compartir información de forma segura
  • Safe information sharing
  • Health providers to be helped to diagnose patients more effectively
  • Medical errors to be reduced
  • A safer and more reliable prescription
  • The promotion of legible and complete documentation, and accurate and optimized coding and billing
  • The reduction of costs through the reduction of paper, improves security, reduces the duplication of tests and improves health

Start to incorporate interoperable Electronic Health Records today.

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