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Data Mart Builder

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This product was designed through an integration with Google Cloud (Dataprep by Trifacta), an intelligent cloud data service which allows you to visually examine, clean and prepare data with different applications depending on the organization’s objectives, for example, analysis or the creation of machine learning models

What are data marts?

The large quantity of data that currently exists represents a challenge for organizations.
Big Data has created new needs and roles whose purpose is to manage large quantities of data but also recognize those that will bring the most value to the organization and therefore, to clients/users/patients.

Having clean and ordered data sets within reach becomes a tangible value for the organization.

As part of the service

Extracting data subsets from large sources makes it possible to retrieve information of interest for a specific area or to achieve a certain objective.

A Data Mart allows the concentration of information extracted from the largest data sources and aims to improve the efficiency of the organization’s decision-making or to use data for other specific purposes. At Siftia, we help you to build data blocks which are ready to be used.

Thanks to Data Mart, the organizations can respond more quickly and easily to business questions, count on clean, organized specific and contextualized data.

On the other hand, the type of information management that Data Marts require makes them more secure as it is possible to restrict access to all data and allow the administration of its management.

Manage your data in an efficient and organized way through Data Marts.

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