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Comparative table of creation report tools: Data Studio, Shiny, Tableau and Power BI

All brands currently look to give an outlet to and use the data obtained through the creation of reports that allow the exploitation, analysis and synthesis of the sets of data obtained from the processes. This is why we have taken on the task of investigating some report creation tools and their main characteristics which are shared below.

As we mentioned earlier, organizations have given importance and relevance to the exploitation, analysis and synthesis of their data, as they serve like a mindful assessment of the effectiveness of their strategies in the different operational processes.

Therefore, many organizations use data visualization as an ally when making decisions and this blog is created precisely with the purpose of offering a comparative table of some of the tools used to create reports.

Table 1. Characteristics of the data visualization tools in report creation.

The main characteristics of these tools are presented in the table; however, the selection of one of them to use will be completely subjective and very constrained to the business issue to be elaborated and the visualization needs of the different audience that consume this report will have.