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What is Google Analytics 4 and what is its purpose?

It is crucial for all Technology, Data and Digital Marketing experts to be clear on the purpose of Google Analytics 4 to understand the evolution of this platform with respect to Google Analytics Universal.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the new generation of Google data gathering platform that will replace Google Analytics Universal.

One of the main benefits of this new platform is that it will not only obtain data from the website but also relevant metrics from other digital properties as well as mobile applications.

From July 1st, 2023, all users must be using the new platform, therefore it is important to carry out the migration to Google Analytics 4.

The GA4 implementation is a process that needs to be done with care to ensure an error-free migration on the platform, taking into account that there is not an update or transfer of data between platforms therefore creating the GA4 account is starting from zero.

To understand more about starting to work with Google Analytics 4 you can visit the Google support link with the different options to implement the platform in the website.

Now, with this new platform designed for the future of measurement, the customer journey can be better understood within the documentation provided by Google, indicates the following key points about the new version:


  • Uses events instead of session-based data
  • Includes privacy controls, such as cookie-free measurement and behavioral and conversion modeling.
  • Predictive functions offer guidance without complete models.
  • Direct integrations into the media platforms help to drive action.

What other added values can be obtained with the new version of GA4?

You will have a variety and quantity of reports configured by the platform which can be grouped according to the lifecycle of the business, just as we can work with customized reports according to the needs of the client, service or product.


  • The measurement within the platform now can be carried out through events allowing the data to be viewed more flexibly and avoids visual clutter.
  • Through machine learning, the execution of automated information functions and predictive metrics will be easier, it is accessed through the Information button in the right corner of the interface; once the sidebar with the menu is displayed, you will be able to see information on the extracted data.

Using the Customize Report tool, you can build and visualize the data collected by GA4 in much the same way as it is represented in the Data Studio application.


  • Now, if predictive metrics are required, they must be accessed through the Analysis section on the left side of the navigation menu where you can view abandonment and conversion prediction.
  • One of the most outstanding points is that the integration of GA4 with BigQuery allows the management of a great quantity of data in a simple manner and to carry out far more precise analyses.

In summary, it is clear that the new GA4 platform brings new alternatives which allow you to have a greater detail of the data analysis and thereby strengthen the reports that are created through batch processing of API calls, in addition it is possible to make a replica of the improved e-commerce by creating your own e-commerce events.

And finally, you can find a new platform at the interface level which makes more sense for business funnels centered on the customer journey.