Three essential changes which come with GA4 that you need to know

From July 1st, 2023, the Google Analytics Universal platform will stop processing new hits. It is important to learn about the different functionalities that GA4 will bring us and thus we can make the best use of data analysis.

The new version of Google Analytics 4 is a different platform to the one known as Google Analytics Universal. With GA4, we find a new way of representing the data that is generated from different platforms.

GA4’s new simplified data model allows the information that is sent to the system to be more manageable in addition to having machine learning systems to generate relevant information for the different analyses which are carried out.

Within the different changes that the platform brings, three stand out that are essential to start to undertake this new learning path:


  • Firstly, you have the option to track events from the website as well as mobile devices in one account. If there are users that come from different platforms, a unique set can be used to identify which channels they are visiting our website through.
  • Under the name of events, comes a second important change to the platform. There will no longer be talk of page views, social interactions, transactions, among others, the new version allows us to unify all these actions which have value under the name of events.
  • Now each event will be named and customized according to the brand, service or product. Furthermore, there is an option to send additional information that describes each event in more detail, this can be done with the event parameters.
  • As a third important change, when analyzing the data in this new version, there will be new reports and less standard reports with more opportunity to create your own reports that respond to the different business questions which you have.
  • If you want to work more on the data obtained in the platform, you can carry out an exportation of the said raw data and bring it to Google BigQuery, where you can combine the data with other data sources and execute a more customized analysis. In the same way, you can continue working on the visualization of data with the integration of GA4 with Google Data Studio.

After visualizing these essential changes and knowing that as of July 1st, 2023, the Google analytics Universal platform will stop processing new hits, it is important to learn about the different functionalities that the platform will have and then you can make better use of the data analysis of your business or your client.