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The personal criterion of metrics according to Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik, the digital issues guru and one of the most knowledgeable people in the digital world, shares endless rather interesting content, and this is no exception.

This time Kaushik introduces us to the article “On-Your-Feet Critical Thinking: Metrics Edition” where it urges readers, to be a little more critical as to what we read, you will be wondering in what direction? Why? well that’s where he wants us to get to and be able to understand.


All this comes because, as he says it, nowadays there is a lot of information and content in different media, all that information is not always perfect, nor valuable, this is where we put into practice what Avinash calls “A personal criterion”.


So, what is this? the message of this is that from now on we must be more analytical, let’s analyze all the information presented to us, the information we receive and read and see if that is really useful to us.


Kaushik says that this critical thinking of each person is something that is acquired with age and/or experience and that there are different ways or scenarios in life in which we put this type of thought into practice.


He sets out his case, how he analyzes every question people ask him, all in a digital environment of course.


The clearest example you give us is when you are asked about what metrics to use to measure a website or an application and tells us that you usually ask a series of questions with which you finally give three 3 KPIs and put it into practice by doing an exercise that I invite you to do it to.


Get to work, get pencil and paper, in less than 90 seconds you must complete with the KPIs you think are the right ones to measure

  1. A webpage
  2. Mobile app
  3. Your company’s Facebook page
  4. A video on your website
  5. And the email campaign
  6. A website
  7. Keyword brand
  8. Keyword category
  9. Structured experience (Car Configurator, secure application)
  10. Pure content website
  11. Discounts
  12. YouTube Trueview ADS


It wasn’t easy, was it?


Surely at the moment you have a lot of asking about it, but that’s what it’s all about, we don’t think the same way, and that’s what Avinash refers to with critical thinking in metrics.


I invite you to read the full article and learn about Kaushik’s answers, but you know don’t jump paragraphs.