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About Us

We are an interdisciplinary regional team who are passionate about innovation and motivated by continuous learning and investigation. Our mission is to empower businesses to better understand and serve our clients through data products and solutions which promote a more client-centered world.

We enable a client-centered world to help organizations create value with data.

We encourage businesses to manage the value of their clients by using data and technology. We use agile and innovative methodologies and clear work processes to listen to our clients. This is in combination with our experience of more than 20 years in multiple industries and in more than ten countries which allows us to propose specific and tailored solutions.

How do we do it?

We investigate and apply constant tests to identify new ways to complete the tasks that they are doing for clients.

We are technologically agnostic and for this reason, we use the best brands and technology platforms. We transfer knowledge to accompany and empower work teams.

We understand and apply ethical criteria to manage the capture, consent and security of the data that we handle.

What do we do?

We believe in developing the maturity of your business data in respect to governance and its use as a medium to create and execute disruptive strategies which promote a better exchange of value with your clients.

We believe that successful businesses are those which manage their clients’ data through trust-based relationships, ethics and make data useful and scalable.

Our team

The Siftia team includes a combination of professional profiles that range from data architects, data engineers, data scientists, digital strategists, client experience specialists and business administrators. This mix of professionals brings the following to your company:

Our vision is of a more customer-centric world.

Our principles

  1. Value Exchange is all the exchanges between the business and the market from their reputation and credibility, the communication and information, and the care and service interactions that lead to fulfilling client needs to drive valuable relationships for the business.

  2. Client is any person or business that has interacted with a business and covers active, potential and past-passive clients.

  3. User experience is to ensure that the client always has a positive interaction throughout all their contact points with the business.

  4. Interest groups are different audiences with whom the organization develops strategies and initiatives. It includes clients, promoters, the organization’s internal audience, key players from a specific sector, etc.

  5. Data are the numerical signals from clients’ characteristics, intentions and interests. Together, crossed or mixed, they reveal more details of their behavior or interactions.

  6. Data Product is the use of available data that provide relevant situations, support decision making and automate processes that maximize the exchange of value with clients. A data product persists and is managed beyond the process or project which created it. Therefore, we speak about data products and not data projects.

  7. Technology functions as an enabler, and it is the vehicle that allows us to reach our goal without limiting us.

  8. Digital transformation is the process of applying the technology in a way that the business can capture, manage and leverage data with the aim of providing better experiences to our customers.

  9. Digital maturity is the capability of an organization to manage their resources (data, technical, digital and organizational) over time.

  10. Identity resolution is the capacity to identify clients from the anonymous to the known and provide them with security in the use of their information and an extraordinary experience.

  11. Consent is the agreement between the user (client) and the business to provide identify and/or interaction data in exchange for better and more significant experiences. Consent is at the center of the strategy to grow the relationship of trust with the client in exchange for ever increasing value.

  12. Interoperability: is the ability to agree what, when and under which conditions toto communicate and transfer data effectively and in a significant way despite the fact that a variety of information systems are being used with different infrastructures and different geographical regions and cultures.

Our manifesto

  1. The client is at the center of all the initiatives that we develop depending on the industry they could be called: user, patient, citizen, student etc.
  2. We want to leave a mark on our clients who will remember us from our capabilities, ingenuity, talent, agility and ethics.
  3. All our clients can transform their businesses using data products. Data informs, reveals, models predicts: allowing the businesses to define strategies and take action.
  4. We facilitate learning experiences that are built in a team with the client to foster knowledge transfer and continuous investigation that makes us grow professionally.
  5. To achieve the transformation, it is crucial to understand the clients’ needs beyond only an economic transaction by looking to maximize the value exchanges throughout the journey of interaction with the company.
  6. The client-company relationship implies bidirectionality by listening to transform, understand and act on the intentions, interests and wellbeing of the clients.
  7. We create data products that require strategic management of the planned and governed consent of consumer information. Each consumer has rights over the use of their identity and interaction data.