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FHIR Starter

We develop data engineering solutions in the cloud so that health organizations implement interoperable applications based on the FHIR standard.


Electronic Health Record

Through data engineering and the application of international standards, it is possible for us to create Electronic Health Records that allow the collection of patient information during their whole journey through laboratories, doctors, specialists and even different health institutions.


Data Mart Builder

This product was designed through an integration with Google Cloud (Dataprep by Trifacta), an intelligent cloud data service which allows you to visually examine, clean and prepare data with different applications depending on the organization’s objectives, for example, analysis or the creation of machine learning models



Our user-centric philosophy helps you create value through data. We develop solutions tailored to the needs of your organization regardless of the industry or sector in which it is located.




Projects created with the trust and potential of our clients

Projects created with the trust and potential of our clients


What is the HL7- FHIR standard in healthcare?

Health sector organizations are coming closer to standardization for the management of patient data and information that allows the interoperability between the different agents within the sector and at the same time, empowers the patients in the development of their information.

HL7 or Health Level Seven and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a new generation of data standard that is winning ground.

Data standardization and interoperability of the health system

The interoperability is the facility of connecting various systems and that they speak the same language. Counting on this option is very important because it enables us to become health service clients, as owners of our information. Thus, we can provide sensitive and detailed information if it is necessary